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Milking Equipment for
Goat & Sheep

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AND Dairy Farming Equipment provides milking machines that have similar features to industrial milking systems, such as pulsators, proper vacuum levels, and more. This ensures that your goats and sheep have healthy udders, efficient milk yield, and overall good health. We offer two types of double milking unit machines, as well as a milking machine with four milking units. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. For instance, our double-bucket milking machine is ideal if you have more than ten goats or sheep to milk.

Canada And Dairy Farming Equipment, Dairy Farming Equipment offers goat, vacuum pump milking machines,


The vacuum pump used in the milking plant must have the capacity to withdraw all the air, including the reserve capacity, air required to run pulsators, air intake, leakage, or for any other use.

To calculate the vacuum pump's capacity, we estimate as described in ISO 5707 for dairy cattle, goats, and sheep. The calculation considers various factors such as altitude, air demand for cleaning, the number of units and pulsators, the vacuum level at which the machine will work, and the minimum effective reserve.

Our 1hp vacuum pump provides an air-flow of 210 lt/min at 48kpas, which is essential for a healthy milking process.

pulsators and parts


This is a piece of must-have equipment for milking machines. Pulsators ensure gentle and homogeneous milkings with first-class massage phases. Milking and massage phases are crucial for healthy udders. You will like milking with these machines.

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